With the constant exposure to social media on a daily basis, it often gets overwhelming when trying to find the fashion style that suits you as an individual. Whether you scroll through TikTok, browse videos on YouTube, or look at different Instagram posts, it may seem that every influencer and media personality have a different opinion about what is trendy and cool.

Although this is the case, you should be comforted by the fact that you don’t have to follow all the latest trends! In fact, arguably the most exciting part of about fashion and streetwear is that everyone has their own style that works for them! Realistically, the latest streetwear and fashion trends should simply serve as an inspiration, and you yourself should be coming up with your own style and outfits.

However, you might ask “Where do I start? How do I know what styles suit me and what doesn’t?”. As with anything in life, this is a process that often involves a lot of trial and error. You might not be able discover your style right away, but hopefully the following tips and tricks can help you progress in finding what fashion trends and styles work for you individually!


While we previously mentioned that social media can be overwhelming, other times it may act as an excellent source of inspiration and information regarding the latest fashion trends. For example, there are different TikTok accounts that interview people on the streets, and ask them about their outfits and fashion inspiration. On YouTube, fashion influencers sometimes make videos about styling different outfits. All in all, social media and the internet is a great starting point in trying to find a fashion style that you resonate with.

Another great way to get inspired is to simply go out! See what different people are wearing on the streets, and maybe you find a style or outfit that you feel you can pull off. For those with an upcoming vacation, set aside some time on the trip to just sit back and observe what the locals are wearing. On a side note, great places to get inspired include East Asian countries like South Korea and Japan, as well a lot of the countries in Western Europe. Within the United States, you can easily grab some ideas while strolling along Rodeo Drive in LA or exploring SoHo in New York.

As it is often said, the world is your canvas, and the same is true when trying to find your own style as a person!


As mentioned, trying to find your personal style is a process, and as with any process, you reach a point where you need to put your plan into action. So simply don’t hold back! Throw some pieces together, experiment with a few outfits, wear them, and see how you feel afterwards! After you try a specific style, then you can evaluate whether it suits you or not, and whether you feel good about it. After all, a fashion trend might look good on you, but what matters is if you feel comfortable and content with it.

Some questions to consider when experimenting. Does the trend fit your lifestyle and environment? You might want to try varsity jackets, but there is no way you can pull it off if you live in a place where it is hot all year round! Would you wear that piece of clothing even if it wasn’t a trend? Sometimes people feel pressured to follow what’s mainstream, even if they don’t like that style themselves. At the end of the day, you need to find what makes you as an individual happy.

Once you experiment enough times, you will begin to get a feel for what suits you, and which styles aren’t working for you.


While following fashion trends and sometimes copying influencers and celebrities are a great way to find your style, you should never forget to separate yourself from the crowd! At the end of the day, you are an individual and you should have a style that set you apart!

One way you can achieve this is by wearing pieces that describe your personality and your interests. For example, when buying graphic tees, instead of choosing common prints you see everywhere—like NASA or Nirvana—you can try to find designs of your favorite sports team or favorite K-pop group. That way, while you are still following streetwear trends, you are able to add your personal touch to it.

Another way to set yourself apart would be to wear alternatives to common clothing pieces. For example, when talking about sneakers, if everyone is wearing white Nike Air Force 1s, you can stand out by rocking New Balance 550s instead. Or in terms of accessories, when the Uniqlo crossbody bag was the biggest craze on social media, you could have bought the Uniqlo drawstring shoulder bag as an alternative—and have more space for your belongings too!

Overall, following or copying specific streetwear trends can be a great starting point, but you should always look to add you own twist to things!


Once you eventually find your own style and what works for you, clothing management should be a priority. After all, not everyone has an unlimited budget, so it is important to have a flexible and adaptable wardrobe. Although we suggested to stand out by selecting unique pieces, ensure that those clothes can be worn for several seasons and years.

Also, make sure you have a good amount of basic and essential pieces that you can match with most outfits. The worst thing you can do is buy clothing that only matches with specific pieces—this can hinder your creativity and arguably be a waste of money.

At the end of the day, managing your style is equally as important as finding it!


In conclusion, trying to find your style can be an extensive process! Always remember that every individual is unique, and there is no cookie-cutter approach to finding what trends work for you.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t feel pressured to find what suits you right away—the simple fact that you are beginning to explore trends and styles has already put you ahead of others in the world of fashion and streetwear!

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